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Boarding Banshees by Sludgee95 viewsa tutorial made by my good friend Slugdee on DA. Jul 15, 2008
Covenent_Zero's big announcement.115 viewsIt is I Covenent_Zero or my real name Jod Ezericho , Captain of the elite honor guard. Telling you in order to fix the monstrsity comics series called PPN chronicles, I will be making my own PPN Pixel Art series called PPN chronicles: Zero Hour, featuring yours truly most of the members on AVGDID and the idoits Quintanna, Charitardmaster, and Failure29 which will be releaed between the 20th-25th of july. Its Zero hour.....Jul 14, 2008
Covenent_Zero's Phantom120 viewsCovenent_Zero pilots this beast.Jun 28, 2008
Covenent_Zero sprite sheet77 viewsdone! invovles logo, views, plasma sword, plasma rifle, plasma pistol, and needler. I will mak more sheets later as wellJun 28, 2008
Covenent_Zero preview sprite60 viewshere is a preview for my sprite of Covenent_Zero:
he is 5 times stronger than any human. and can carry any Covenent weapon, He also can turn invisible with his stealth suit.
Jun 28, 2008
What Kansaibou thinks of F29133 viewsKansaibou doesn't even like you! I have quotes from when armeddragoon talked to him on DA here they are
ArmedDragoon: Hey there, Kansaibou was it? Guess who recolored your character and is claiming it as his own?
Kansaibou: XD yeah... i saw...

normally id be annoyed but... yeah, its like.. too pathetic to even count as art theft.. know what i mean?
ArmedDragoon: I see what you're saying. It's just the principle of the thing that pisses me off.
Kansaibou: yeah, i totally agree with you...

its odd.. its almost as if the guys just... stupid.. XD.. like.. talking to him made me realize that hes not very bright... at all
If that’s not proof enough for you look at the comments on his page yourself heres a link www.kansaibou.deviantart.com by the way he’s friends with Latidog
Jun 28, 2008
Covenent_Zero landed78 viewsI, Covenent_Zero am here to assist my good friend Mr.lolz and his compatriots to attack the ones known as F29 and Charizardmaster as well as others who have caused grief across this website. I will offer my assistance when ever I am on the Internet.Jun 27, 2008